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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB Catch 


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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB 


Written By: Billy 


• Hammer (1) 

• Screwdriver (1) 

• Table saw (1) 

Bandsaw. circular saw, or jig saw will 
also work. 


Scrap 5/8" plywood (1) 

Scrap 1/4" plywood (1) 

Laminate (1) 

Clothespins (1) 


Screws or nails (1) 
whatever you have on hand 

Paint (1) 


I gave the kid next door an Airsoft gun for his birthday. Unfortunately, all he did was shoot 
his mom and dad with it, so I built him this target to keep the peace with the neighbors. 
Hopefully he remembers this as he gets older (he's only 10) so the little bastard won't steal 
my vehicle. 

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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB Catch 

First, download PDF template and cut your two side pieces and top and bottom pieces out 
of 5/8" plywood. Glue together. 

• After gluing, nail or screw the joints (I used a bradnailer). Next, cut out your back pieces 

• On one of your back pieces, cut a 20-degree angle on one edge so it will fit well with the 
other back piece. 

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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB Catch 

Apply glue. Then bradnail or screw in your back pieces. 

• Next, cut out the two pieces for the front BB catch. Cut one piece at a 45-degree angle : 
glue and bradnail (or screw) together and install into the box. 

Next, sand all the pieces and paint it whatever color you like. I used paint & laminate left 
over from my wife's laundry room cabinets. Of course, laminate is optional; it will still work 
without it. I just have to get rid of this leftover garbage. 

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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB Catch 

When the paint was dry, I applied contact cement on the inside of the target box and back 
side of the laminate, let dry for 10 minutes and applied the laminate. 

Then, I found a nice handle at Habitat for Humanity for only $0.25 (support the homeless). 
Mark center and apply the handle. 

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Airsoft Gun Target Holder & BB Catch 

• I also found some very cheap clips at a dollar store. I pre-drilled the holes at 8 1/2" apart, 
so I can use not only big targets, but also the smaller ones I could print out. Have fun with 
it, or give it away as a gift. Happy shooting! 

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